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    in3 Inc. designs dialogues for
    corporate alignment initiatives.

    Our Service

    In today’s rapidly changing business world, organizational development is receiving more attention than ever before. There is a growing need to transform organizations from reactive to proactive, quickly driving changes and improving business performance in these times of change.

    Corporate alignment requires aligning the company‘s purpose (intent) with the organizational culture, a collective knowledge that is created in the minds of its members and shared through dialogue and internal processes. Companies that can make bold progress in their alignment efforts can increase engagement and create advantages that are critical to win in today’s business world such as innovation, value creation, differentiation, and speed.

    in3 Inc. designs dialogues within organizations and supports corporate alignment initiatives at a global level.

    Transformation Initiative

    Drive organizations based on change
    Transform business and organizational behavior
    Support initiatives

    • Sustainability Transformation
    • Culture Transformation Project to an Agile-Oriented Organization

    Strategic Initiative

    Support initiatives to roll out the vision and strategy in your organization

    • Change initiatives to shift management styles to focus more on “value creation”
    • Organizational development based on the mid-term management plan
    • Visioning workshops at corporate town hall meetings

    Culture Initiative

    Support initiatives that continue to change organizational culture based on values and behaviors

    • Organizational development projects to disseminate corporate philosophy
    • Creating Innovative Culture
    • Global Area Meet Project

    Learning Initiative

    Design workshops to discover and raise awareness of your company purpose and organizational culture

    • Global key talent development
    • Kick-off workshops
    • Organizational development leadership
    • Transformational workout to foster innovative mind-set
    • Virtual Leadership Workshops

    Dialogue Design & Tools

    Design an ongoing mechanism for creating dialogues within the organization

    • Learning-Mat™
    • Online Learning-Mat™
    • Management Simulation
    • Denison Organizational Culture Surveys

    About us



    in3 Inc. is expanding its reach to organizations in Japan as well as overseas. We are serving our clients with partners in North America, the Netherlands, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Shanghai.

    Partnering : empeon.e.w.sBusiness models IncCelemiDenison

    Connecting Dots

    Our services are based on the desire to intervene between management and organizations of our client companies and help them improve execution of internal initiatives through innovative organizational development solutions, thereby leading them to take actions in line with management intentions.


    • Company name: in3 Inc.
    • Address : Sandeshika Building 3F, 2-10-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
    • Capital : 9.9 million yen
    • CEO: Tomohiro Hirai

    Tomohiro Hirai,

    Ichihiko Morii,

    Mika Kurosaki,

    Akiko Samejima,
    Practice /
    Learning design

    Mayu Narita,
    Practice /
    Learning Design

    Yoko Funakoshi,
    Operation support

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